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Culinary Concept

Sails is a pescetarian's haven, where a dazzling array of the freshest, just-flown-in seafood from pristine deep azure seas are hand-selected each day, then finessed to perfection by award-winning Executive Chef Jacob Jasinski, who will split his attention between raw and wood-fired dishes. The display's selections evolve nightly, presenting patrons with best-in-show delicacies.

An authentically European experience, guests may select their own fish, steering a personalized dining excursion of inspired menu selections. An experiential evening starts with tantalizing seafood towers and raw bar selections followed by Crudo (raw fish au natural dressed with custom-blended organic Greek olive oil, citrus and seasoning) and composed tartares of steak, salmon, and hamachi in addition to the evening's selection. First courses span from salads, where luscious lobster or seared Kobé play starring roles surrounded by the best produce from local farms, organic whenever possible, to al dente homemade pasta like crab lasagna, rigatoni with charred octopus and more, plated for sharing or savoring solo.

Main courses of whole and shellfish from the daily display are priced per pound. A guest's selection is then perfectly prepared to order via one of three methods: wood-grilled, salt-baked or seared a la plancha on Sails' custom-built wood-fired grill with genuine firewood smoke, elevating healthy cooking to its fullest extent while enhancing food's flavors and tenderness. The menu's composed section of seafood and mouthwatering options of the finest cuts of beef redefine refined indulgence, making quite the palate impression. An expertly-curated wine list leads to imaginative pairings and leisurely sipping.